The previous years’ champions are

2019- Mr Biju George and Dr Suresh Thomas
2018 – Dr. Kishore Chandran & Dr. Ranjit Nair
2017 – Dr. Anil Kumar & Dr. Ranjit Nair
2016 – Dr. Bobby Abraham & Mr. Jayadevan Vellani
2015 – Dr. Ashok & Mr. Ben
2014 – Dr. Ranjit Nair & Mrs. Babykutty Thomas
2013 - M. Mahesh Narayanan & Dr. Martin Joseph

2012 – Dr. Anil Kumar & Mr. Aravind
2011 – Dr. Anil Kumar & Dr. Ashok
2010 – Dr. Anil Kumar & Dr. Ravi Pratap
2009 – Mr. Mahesh Narayanan & Mr. Prannoy Abraham
2008 – Mr. Mahesh Narayanan & Mr. Sreeji Gopinathan
2007 – Ms. Gayathri Menon & Dr. Jayakrishnan

Summer Outdoor Activity Day

Sruthi has started organising a summer outdoor activity day for the members, since 2009. This is usually in the form of a walk in the autumn.

2019 Sruthi walk was organised by Miss Breeze George in the Saltwell Park, Gateshead on 19 October 2019.
2018 walk was organised by Mr. Sreekanth Balasubramaniam in the Dunham Massey National Trust Park.
2017 walk was organised by Dr. Kishore/Mr. Madhu/Dr. V P R Pillai in Durham.
2016 walk was organised by Dr. Binooj and Scarborough team in Scarborough.
2015 walk was organised by M/s Arun, Madhu et al in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne.
2014 walk was organised by Prof. Arun Thankom in Manchester.
2013 walk was organised by Drs. Deepthi and Ranjith in Birmingham.
2012 walk was organised by Drs. Indu and Suresh in Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent.
2011 walk was organised by Dr. V. P. R. Pillai in Durham and fundraising was also done to raise money for a charity in Trivandrum.
2010 walk also was in North West, finished off with a fun filled evening in Drs. Nandakumar and Santhi Nandakumar's house.
2009 walk was arranged by Drs. Nandakumar and Santhi Nandakumar, who played host to a group of Sruthi members and took them through a walk in the North West, as well as organised a few outdoor games at their house.

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