Sruthi members are unified by their passion and affection towards art, literature and culture of Kerala. We will consistently identify, develop and perform talents without any limits to nourish art, literature and culture of Kerala in the UK. Sruthi functions as a non-profit making organisation and any profit made are used for furthering the organisation's activities.

Sruthi Annual Day event -2023

From the past

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Sruthi UK Annual Day 2022

The Sruthi annual day event was conducted on 22nd October 2022. The chief guest Paul Zacharia (Eminent Malayalam fiction writer and essayist)enthralled the audience with his speech, followed by live entertainment programs (Dance, Music, Drama and Mime ) by the Sruthi members.

Sruthi UK Winter Event

As part of the Sruthi winter event conducted on 29th January 2022, we organised a fully virtual show featuring "Tholpavakoothu" an ancient shadow puppet play of Kerala and one of the world's ancient ritualistic artforms. Padma Shri Ramachandra Pulavar and his team of Tholpavakoothu artists showcased an exclusive performance of 'Ramayanam Katha' for us. They also provided an insightful interview and demonstration of behind the scene preparations and the various form of puppets used. The event was also complimented by performances of Sruthi's young talents and family fun events.

When Sruthi and KALA came together

"Nothing connects to the moment like Music" - During the Pandemic on 6th June 2021, Sruthi and KALA - two of the prominent organisations that promotes Kerala arts, literature and music in the U.K. came together for a virtual event that showcased the immense musical talent of its members which was widely enjoyed.

Coronation by Sruthi UK

A drama/skit has been put together by Sruthi Excom to introduce ourselves and to highlight the woes of the entertainment/arts industry. This was produced under lockdown and, despite the challenges, we hope this will bring a smile to your face and help raise awareness. Sruthi has always encouraged and promoted arts & literature and was involved in raising funds towards supporting artists during Covid-19

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